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Why Use An Agency?



It seems so simple!  Write an ad, get online, ask a friend – right?  Do you know the first questions most families ask me? 


“What interview questions should I ask the nanny?”

 “Will she tell the truth about her experience?”

 “Is her resume accurate?”
“How do I verify experience, reliability, and true motivation to care for children?”

Even the most experienced professionals quickly realize that interviewing a nanny is far different than anything they have done before. This is not a business interview.  A nanny is a trusted caregiver who will be in your home caring for your children and have access to your personal space – the hiring process is unique.

Reference checks are essential and take time – do not cut corners when checking on your nanny’s background.

A Better Way Nanny Referral has found nannies for many parents who have lived in this area all their lives. They are often skilled professionals in their field with powerful networks of friends and associates.  Finding a sales manager, physician, or attorney would be easy for them – but nannies move in different circles and a good one is a challenge to find. 

These parents want a professional caregiver secured via a thorough and professional process — do you?

Over the many years, we have been in business, A Better Way Nanny Referral has heard from a variety of parents struggling to find a nanny for childcare. 

“My neighbor’s 19-year-old daughter is interested in being our nanny because she is tired of working in a restaurant.”

“I spoke to nanny candidates every night this week who want to bring their own child to work, don't have a car, or don't have any experience!”

“Resumes candidates are sending to us just look like text messages they would send their friends – they’re full of typos!”

How much extra time do you have? 

You will spend a lot of time checking on nanny candidates who just do not make the cut – would you prefer to do that over spending time with your child?

  • New mothers are often surprised that caring for a newborn takes up the entire day, leaving no time to call, review resumes, telephone screen set appointments, and finally interview the candidate.

  • Even parents who successfully balanced work and family life may struggle to find time to properly screen nanny candidates.

  • Parents who choose nannies care deeply for their children and realize it does not make sense to give up quality time with their children to sit on the phone with candidates. 

Why not use a nanny placement website? 

It is true, free online directory services will connect you with job seekers. However, all the information on those sites is generated by the job seekers – it is not reviewed or verified by a governing body.

A resume is only a piece of paper until it is verified.

  • A Better Way has years of relationship building with nannies.  The best nannies in the area make us their first call when they become available.    

  • A Better Way advertises widely to recruit nannies for our clients.

  • Every nanny candidate is screened before meeting with us. 

  • A Better Way Nanny candidate provides a Driver’s License, Social Security card, Birth Certificate, or Passport, along with proof of auto insurance and registration. We conduct a formal face-to-face interview with our nanny candidates – all before they meet a single parent. 

  • Every candidate must prove that they can legally work in the United States.

  • Every candidate must have their own automobile and be properly insured.


A Better Way attains a full resume and reference list, conducts a comprehensive interview, and a systematic background check.

The nanny’s background check includes:

  • State and local criminal history for current and prior residences

  • Driving record

  • Social security number verification

  • Confirmation that the nanny’s name is not on the sexual offender registry


If you are looking for a responsible, legal nanny – we can find that nanny for you.  Families who are looking for a loving and qualified caregiver, with a thoroughly researched background, have turned to us for years.

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