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Most nannies come to our website for information. Let's see if your questions are the same as others:


Why should I work with an agency?


  • Have you been to an interview and realized that the parents were not honest about their job?

  • On your last interview, was the family a dream but the pay terrible?


Nannies complain about this to us all the time! Our favorite (you have probably experienced this too), the family is wonderful and they love you but there's an issue. They need a nanny in three months and you need a job now!


If you're ready to throw your hands in the air and go work at a coffee house - call us first!

What would you rather do:

Get dressed up, gas up the car, and go on a lot of interviews? You can generate a lot of activity.
We can work together and find a quality family who meets your values and goals.

How can I find the right family?

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Do you know why you haven't been offered a job with the parents who have interviewed you?

  • Have any of them called to give you advice on interviewing or told you what you said that turned them off?

  • Have you experienced the 15 minute interview and have no idea why they didn't take the time to get to know you?

ABW can give you feedback and provide answers to your questions.

  • ABW will help you understand the family's priorities so that you can address those in your interview.

  • ABW will help you through the process so that you know what is happening in and after your interviews. My feedback is honest and designed to sharpen your skills or at the very least give you the information you need to understand why it wasn't a good match.

  • ABW will match your skills, values, and child rearing philosophies with a prospective family., we want you to love your nanny position!

How can I best represent myself in an interview?

  • Are you shy and hate interviewing?

  • Is it hard for you to toot your own horn?

  • Maybe you think you are a terrific interview because you know how to talk to people.

ABW gives nannies advice and help during the process. You may think that your interviewing skills are terrific, maybe they are! But parent’s priorities change over the years and we haven't met a nanny in 15 years who didn't appreciate a word of advice!

This is counsel and guidance we only give to nannies working with us. We have years of listening to parents comments (many who loved the nanny's experience but didn't get what they needed in the interview to make a hire decision, don't you want to know why?)

What do I need to do to work with A Better Way Nanny Referral?

#1 Rule Always Be Honest.

Send a resume or fill out our registration and we will call you for an interview. If you have questions about our process just e-mail or call us. We hope to hear from you soon!

You may work with ABW or decide to try it on your own and if so be safe in your search.

Meet in a neutral location, make sure someone always knows where you are going and what time you are expected to be back from the interview.

Be safe and good luck!

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